29 October 2014


G'day! I decided to write a blog post in English just because it comes to my mind first (and also because I don't have a Finnish keyboard haha). I still haven't got my new computer so I'm writing this on my councelors computer.

I spent last Saturday wandering around Melbourne with my host family and their children and grand children. I met heaps of new people, ate a lot of good food (I'm going to do a post about a really nice cafe, stay tuned!) and just had great fun. Although I was so tired after the day that once we got back home, I went straight to bed and slept for 10 hours.

Sunday was also a really nice #sundayfunday which I'm also doing a post of.

PS. I love Melbourne. IMG_9245melb IMG_9294melbIMG_9290melbIMG_9298melbIMG_9302melbIMG_9286melb Turned out I only took photos of Starbucks and the skyscrapers... Oh well

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