13 March 2015


Moikka taas! Oltiin maanantaina parin vaihtarikaverin kanssa Melbournessa vapaapäivän johdosta. Ostettiin viikko sitten aika extemporee liput Good Life festareille ja siellä vietettiin koko maanantai. Ihan täydellinen ilma, ah-niin-ihanat Avicii ja Martin Garrix ja näin myös PLLn Calebin ja Geordie Shoren Charlotten! Muitaki artisteja esiinty, mut suurinosa tais olla ausseja ni en tienny ku muutaman. Illalla takasin kotiin ja tiistaina pirteenä kouluun! Mulla on muuten enää 6 normaalia koulupäivää ennen lomaa!

Howdy! We took off to Melbourne on Monday with Megan and Sanni. We had bought tickets to Good Life the Monday before and it was one of the best extempore decisions I've made during my stay here in Australia! The weather was perfect and so were Martin Garrix and Avicii! We also saw a glimpse of Tyler Blackburn and Charlotte from Geordie Shore! Tuesday went by half asleep... Only 6 more proper school days before the hols, so excited! 


Päätin nyt vihdoin ja viimein alkaa kirjottamaan sekä suomeks että enkuks, mielipiteitä?

Now I finally started to write in English as well as in Finnish so all my foreign friends can read my blog too, yay!

07 March 2015


Untitled Snaps from mini safari!  A few more, only two weeks til I see them again!  School life, I'm actually really enjoying school now! Pics from the music rooms, I've spent many lunchtimes there just chilling and playing.  Maccas run and frozen sprite with popping candy! What an experience, not my fave tho... / Blueberry picking with venturers the other week / Valentine's day with exchange students / chilling by the pool when the weather was still warm and sunny  One more from One Direction... Would do anything to get that night back!  Golf with my rotary club. I went there to cook the barbie and got to play also, golf's not my thing! / dessert at a rotary meeting / swimming sports with Megan. She's an exchange student from Canada and one of my best friends / more from the music rooms  Rotary / haha I found out the filters in my phone are pretty cool and now I don't use the normal filter at all / we went to Hannah's baptism a while ago and there were 4 of the world cutest kittens there and I just fell in love  Grapes from my backyard / maccas run pt 2 / Australia day celebrations! Twas a good day / throwing it back to the great ocean road  We went to the movies with my best friends to check out Christian Grey. We had tea at red rooster beforehand and I got a message to my burger from a guy from our school, feeling loved! And tbh, 50 shades of grey was one of the best movies I've ever seen!