31 October 2014

Adeney Milk Bar

Hiiiii! Like I said in my previous post, this is a post about a really nice cafe in Melbourne called Adeney Milk Bar. It's pretty small but very intimate. I really enjoyed all the cute little signs around the cafe and the service was working well. All 7 of us went there around lunch time and had to wait for a while for a free table but it wasn't too bad. And the menu, god it was sooo full of awesome dishes but eventually I went for scrambled eggs with toast and salmon. Let's just say it was delicious! Little Molly went for blueberry pancakes and I've never seen someone being so happy for pancakes! The only thing I didn't like was my hot chocolate. It was too chocolate-tic for me but other than that, I really recommend checking Adeney up. Worth visiting!

(I really think I should become a food-blogger!!!) IMG_9249melbIMG_9255melbIMG_9256melbIMG_9257melbIMG_9258melbIMG_9260melbIMG_9266melbIMG_9270melbIMG_9272melbIMG_9280melb

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